Friday, October 21, 2016

WikiLeaks: ‘Corrupt Ruling Power Factions’ Are Going To Win The Election

The Daily Caller reports:
WikiLeaks suggested in several tweets Thursday that the 2016 election for president of the United States is rigged.

In response to criticism from blogger Dan Gillmor that WikiLeaks recent leaks have outed it as picking a side and playing partisan politics in the presidential election, WikiLeaks tweeted back, “You are not a fan of publishing true information about corrupt ruling power factions who will take power on Jan 20?”

WikiLeaks then hinted that the outcome of the election was obvious from the outset: “What election? It has been clear from the beginning who is going to win. This is, in effect, a power consolidation exercise.”
Imagine that.

RBG Has A Nighttime Gig


Americans are more afraid of clowns than climate change, terrorism, and ... death


Skull and Bones Member John Kerry Praises Obama: 'He Has Been Able to Circumvent Congress' on Climate Change


Joe Biden suggests he'd beat up Trump: I wish I could take him behind the gym

Noted plagiarist Joe Biden talks violence.

Jorge Ramos (Democrat-Hillary Clinton) Blames ‘Loco Hombre’ Trump for Spread of White Supremacy. After All Jorge Ramos' Daughter Works on Clinton Campaign.


Electoral model: Trump has at least an 87% chance of winning

Hot Air

CPS has lost nearly 11,000 students since last fall

The Chicago Sun-Times reports:
Chicago Public Schools has lost nearly 11,000 students since last fall, dropping to 381,349 students.

Most of the losses came from district elementary schools and CPS’ preschool program, but charter schools lost enrollment, too.
It appears Chicago isn't growing. No word yet on this story from Barack Obama.

EPA Spends $10.8 Million for Teacher Training on ‘Environmental Education’

CNS News reports:
The Environmental Protection Agency is spending over $10 million in taxpayer dollars for a five-year program to train teachers to “deliver high-quality environmental education in formal and non-formal education settings.”

“Environmental educators help learners of all ages understand and value the ecosystems around them,” said U.S. EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy. “The teacher training program gives educators access to the best classroom and out-of-classroom materials and professional development opportunities, focused on using the environment as a platform for learning science, technology, engineering and math skills to improve decision-making.”

The program called “ee360” will begin next year and is the result of a cooperative agreement between the EPA and the North American Association for Environmental Education (NAAEE), the agency’s teacher training program.
The EPA moves into the Department of Education/Propaganda realm.

The House Prices are Too Damned High

New Geography

Justice Scalia Alleged To Have Said He and Justice Sotomayor Both Shave Every Morning

Professor Thomas DiLorenzo

SC GOP chair: Absentee voting numbers an 'encouraging sign'

The US Government's War on Poker

William Daley 'watching Rahm twist,' according to leaked email

The Chicago Tribune

Illinois man charged with intimidation after alleged threat to burn items at GOP headquarters

The Southern reports:
A 48-year-old Murphysboro man has been charged with intimidation and resisting a peace officer in connection with an alleged threat on Monday to burn items inside the Republican Committee Office in Murphysboro.

Robin Leon Little was charged with one count of intimidation, a Class 3 felony; one count of resisting a peace officer, a Class A misdemeanor; and one count of disorderly conduct, a Class C misdemeanor, according to a news release from Jackson County State's Attorney Michael C. Carr. Little was taken into custody on Monday.

According to court documents filed by Carr, Little communicated to Teresa Easton that he would burn items inside the Republican Committee Office, at 1332 Walnut St.

When Sgt. Timothy Legere tried to arrest Little, he ran from the officer and "then struggled and fought with the officer," according to the complaint.
No word on when Barack Obama will blame Donald Trump for this one.

Emory University to Ban Whites From Certain Social Events

Campus Reform

Obama on Rigged Elections in 2008: People in Power Have a Tendency to Tilt Things in Their Direction (VIDEO)

The Gateway Pundit on admitting Chicago is corrupt.

HUMA: Hillary Created This Mess!

RELEASE: The Podesta Emails Part 14

PHOTO: Heavily armed 'police' appear outside Ecuadorian Embassy in London where Julian Assange has political asylum (photo, Tuesday morning)

MSNBC to Sheila Jackson Lee: Sounds like you actually were 'stalking' John Podesta

College Sex Meets the Star Chamber. At Yale’s sexual misconduct tribunals, defendants can’t even cross-examine witnesses.

The Wall Street Journal

(Video) Zeke Emanuel, the " Joseph Mengele " of the ObamaCare movement: blames Republicans for ObamaCare not being popular.

Zeke Emanuel, the " Joseph Mengele " of the ObamaCare movement: blames Republicans for ObamaCare not being popular.

Red State, Blue Cities . Will the Texas model become a victim of its own success?

City Journal

The Brion McClanahan Show Episode 49: We are Rome

Woman Backtracks on Assault Claim After O’Keefe Video


Clinton Campaign And Harry Reid Worked With NYT To Smear State Dept Watchdog

The Daily Caller reports:
The Clinton campaign coordinated with Nevada Sen. Harry Reid to use The New York Times to smear the State Department’s deputy inspector general as State’s internal watchdog was investigating Clinton aide Huma Abedin, The Daily Caller can report.

The scheme is revealed in a series of emails hacked from the Gmail account of Clinton campaign manager John Podesta.

The most damning message is a Nov. 13, 2015 email that Clinton campaign press secretary Brian Fallon sent to Phil Schiliro, a former White House official and longtime Democratic operative who has helped the Clinton campaign in various capacities.

Imagine that.

Clintons have over ‘500 Different’ conflicts of interest -- Clinton Foundation Executive Doug Band

WikiLeaks poisons Hillary’s relationship with left . After learning how Clinton feels about them, liberals vow to push back against her agenda and appointments.


Sean Hannity Interviews James O'Keefe and Donald Trump Jr.

Body camera shows cops being attacked by group of teens

Germans Are Leaving Germany 'In Droves'


Watch Julian Assange to CNN you should be ashamed, and Reporter actually should be ashamed, as well.

Clinton aide shows Andrea Mitchell something he wrote on his phone before she asks a question

Professor was not happy, saying they were either going to support free speech or 'they were going to censor me.'

Hillary’s New Constitution. Clinton explains how she’ll gut the First and Second Amendments.

The Wall Street Journal reports:
Donald Trump is no legal scholar, but at Wednesday’s presidential debate he showed a superior grasp of the U.S. Constitution than did Hillary Clinton. Amid the overwrought liberal fainting about Mr. Trump’s bluster over accepting the election result (see below), Mrs. Clinton revealed a view of the Supreme Court that is far more threatening to American liberty.

Start with her answer to moderator Chris Wallace’s question about the role of the courts. “The Supreme Court should represent all of us. That’s how I see the Court,” she said. “And the kind of people that I would be looking to nominate to the court would be in the great tradition of standing up to the powerful, standing up on our behalf of our rights as Americans.”

Where to begin with that one? The Supreme Court doesn’t—or shouldn’t—“represent” anyone. In the U.S. system that’s the job of the elected branches. The courts are appointed, not elected, so they can be nonpartisan adjudicators of competing legal claims.

Mrs. Clinton is suggesting that the Court should be a super-legislature that vindicates the will of what she calls “the American people,” which apparently excludes “the powerful.” But last we checked, the Constitution protects everyone, even the powerful. The law is supposed to protect individual rights, not an abstraction called “the people.”
Imagine that.

Report: Rahm's budgets for police misconduct lawsuits means a larger financial burden for taxpayers + more news.

Woman mistakes conservation group meeting for Trump gathering, smears peanut butter on 30 cars

New York Times: Videos Put Democrats on Defensive About Dirty Tricks

The New York Times

Risk of ‘Mass Exodus’ of Doctors from Medicare


WikiLeaks reveals first batch of US president Barack Obama emails sent via secret address

Ford plans to layoff about 13,000 hourly workers

Biz Journals

‘Saudi civil servants work 1 hour a day, we’re headed for bankruptcy in 3-4 years’ – ministers


Communicating Liberty Through Film: Freedom on Trial (with John Papola)

Wikileaks Taunts Democrats, Tweets "It Has A Surprise In Store" For Tim Kaine And Donna Brazile


Watch America’s student-loan debt grow $2,726 every second

Marketwatch reports:
It’s not uncommon to hear that the growth in student loan debt is like a time bomb threatening to blow up the U.S. economy. Now, you can watch it tick.

The outstanding balance of the nation’s student loans is growing by an estimated $2,726.27 every second according to the clock above developed for MarketWatch by StartClass, an education data site. As policymakers and pundits debate ways to tackle Americans’ $1.2 trillion in student loan debt, this student-loan debt clock provides a window into the growing risks to the economy as well as to student loan borrowers and their families.

The good news is that the debt is growing at a slightly slower rate than when StartClass first made the calculation for us several months ago. When the clock only included data up until the first quarter of 2015, student debt was rising by $3,055 every second. Now with second quarter 2015 data factored in, the debt is growing by about $328 less per second.

Still, Skyrocketing college costs, cuts to public funding for higher education, stagnant incomes and the growth in the college-going population are largely to blame for the uptick in outstanding student loans over the past decade. Now, about 40 million Americans are carrying some student loans and about 70% of students graduate college with debt.
This is what progressives call "investing".

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